Making our children into medicated zombies.

If you are connected with me on social media, then you know my son has just turned 19 years old. I’ve been sharing pictures, videos, and all sorts of random tidbits from his life.

Anyway, when my kid was in grade school, I guess he was talking, fidgeting, or I don’t know, DOING WHAT ANY NORMAL FUCKING KID WOULD DO WHEN BEING FORCED TO REMAIN IN A CLASSROOM ALL DAY!

Right, so at some point, his teacher recommended we see some counselor or something to discuss what was going on. His mom and I agreed, though I stated right from the gate that if they tried to medicate my son, I was going to suplex somebody.

So we sat a few times with this counselor, I can’t remember much about her other than I thought she was pretty. However, it seems that pretty lady was looking to get suplexed because just as I expected, she suggested some medication to sort out his behavior.

I don’t recall exactly how I reacted, (I didn’t suplex her, I am kidding about that) but I do recall challenging her. I said something along the lines of “So because a kid talks in class you want to put them on medication? This is the problem with your career field, y’all always want to medicate someone rather than address the actual issue. By the way, to be honest, there is no issue here, this is normal childlike behavior, we all spoke in class. Since when is talking in class a mental issue? It’s what humans, children included do. We fucking talk!”

I was pretty pissed off because it was so predictable and pathetic. Our children are not meant to be damn zombies and I hated that this woman was trying to put a young, perfectly healthy little boy on some damned medications. Even remembering it now, it fucking pisses me off. You know how many kids are probably fucking drug addicts cause of assholes like her and this teacher? Also parents, I mean they can’t drug your babies if you react the way I did can they? She suggested that they could force it, and I think the look on my face illustrated how that might work out for them. Try it motherfucker, try and drug my baby boy, then I’ll really fuck your whole shit up!

I know that there are cases where a kid may need or benefit from medication. Talking in class is not one of those cases. So current and future parents, beware of people like that. Rather than doing their job, they want to turn your children into fucking zombies. Don’t let them succeed in making our children into medicated zombies.

Oh, by the way, aside from the normal issues that teens have, my kid is perfectly fine and drug free. Go fuck yourself, doc.

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