Male bathroom, Unisex bathroom, No Female bathroom?

A friend of mine posted the above image, she stated that there was a male only restroom, a gender neutral restroom, but none specifically setup for women.

I have a problem with this. I don’t mind if the unisex restroom is private, but if it is shared, then I take issue with there being a male only one, but no female only one. I wouldn’t allow my daughter to go into a restroom where men could go. Not a chance!

The language on this sign basically states that anyone can go in there at the same time, and I don’t like that at all. I asked my friend if she could lock it for privacy, if it was single person one, etc. She said no, that it was not. She said it was a full bathroom and can be used by any gender simultaneously.

In my opinion, women are more susceptible to abuse from men, than men are from women. So if anyone deserves the gender specific option, it should be the women. You can keep the unisex one as an option for those who wish, (including men) but then create one dedicated to the ladies. If it comes down to only two being built, then make one for unisex and women, forget about the men, we’ll survive.

Y’all know that I am a friend of the LGBT community, this ain’t about y’all, I want you to be as free and comfortable as you want to be. However, women also need a private restroom to handle their own personal matters! They need it more so than men do in my opinion! If this story is all accurate, then this is not cool at all!

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