A Male Feminist, Filming lady Butts in Zumba, And The Two Muslim Women.

So this dude, Michael Sonmore is in an “open marriage.” My man stays home with the kids, while his wife goes out on a hot date with Paulo.

They have an open marriage, and he claims he’s okay with it, yada yada yada. He even expects that allegedly insecure guys like me will criticize him for doing this.

Well, yes, guys like me will definitely call you a punk. Pretending that you are okay with your wife having sex with random dudes doesn’t make you some sort of superior or elevated alpha male, it makes exactly what you think we will call you. Who does that crap?

Look man, it’s your prerogative, but own the reality of it bro. You are at best a beta male, and you are getting played for a fool. At least you are taking care of the kids, I’ll give you a nod for that.

The reality is, you are getting played while Paulo plows your wife. What happens the day she does fall in love with some other dude? Maybe he hits it just right, and it’s a wrap for you, son! Try and reason this out however you want, but this is very weak pal, no cosign.

Dressing it up as patriarchy? Give me a break. Me expecting my wife to be loyal is not about patriarchy, it’s what marriage is. In any case, listen to the podcast, I go into more detail on this.

On this episode of NYCTalking we’ll discuss this male feminist who alleges he’s cool with men plowing his wife in bed while he’s at home with the kids, pervs who think it’s cool to film women’s butts in zumba, and whether or not these two Muslim women hate my guts!

Listen to the podcast on this one here!

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