Mamadou Diallo Will Not Go To Prison

Remember that story I shared sometime ago about a Bronx man who beat the crap out of a man who tried to rape his wife? Well, he was recently let go and the charges against him dismissed! Say what? A black dude was given a fair shot at life? Yes, that’s what I’m saying! He received a fair one!

This is awesome news to hear! Now, am I celebrating the death of another human being? He did kill the would be rapist after all. No, I am not celebrating that, but I am celebrating that for once, the good guys (more so as a black man) didn’t get screwed!

Rape is a horrible crime, and you guys have seen how against rapists I am. Brock Turner being a prime example, that piece of crap served 3 months and was released on good behavior. He should thank his lucky stars that my man Mamadou wasn’t around when he committed his vile criminal acts. That’s how rapists get off, especially those rich, affluent sons of biznatches! They serve little to no time. I was pleased when Jared Fogle was sentenced to real jail time, I thought he was going to walk. I was even more happy when he got the crap beat out of him.

On the other hand, minorities and poor people will often end up serving more time compared to their white and richer counterparts, but neither of them serve nearly enough time compared to what they truly deserve as rapists. Rapists often get away with their crimes, or serve nearly nothing in jail time compared to the damage they do. Again, money, status, etc, all play a role in how badly you get punished. That’s terrible, so seeing some justice handed down isn’t a terrible thing.

So, given that viewpoint, I can’t say that I feel terrible that this rapist was killed. As a human being, lost life sucks, but some suck more than others. In any case, I’m extremely happy that this man will get to stay with his wife, family and friends. I was rooting for him, though I feared the worse. I was very surprised, and pleased with the end result.

Enjoy your life Mamadou Diallo.

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