Man attacked by Texas Police for carrying legal guns.

It would seem that Mike Martinez and his ilk are already causing trouble for legal gun owners in Texas. Bare in mind before watching this video that this is Texas, a place where it is perfectly legal to carry a visible firearm. Army Master Sergeant C. J. Grisham, a United States active duty soldier and veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars was walking on a hike with his son. During these hikes he carries his weapons, one because it is his 2nd amendment right, and 2 because on the trail you can encounter feral animals.

Someone called the police on him because they saw him carrying his firearm in what they are calling a “crude” fashion. At this point is where the video picks up. Watch this and tell me that those police officers didn’t break several laws, violate several of his rights and you tell me that “they ain’t coming for our guns”.

Just a quick and obvious list of what they did wrong:

1. Confiscated his weapons without probable cause.

2. Did not answer when asked if he committed a crime.

3. Took his wallet even after he stated that he did not consent to a search.

The police still have his guns, and he is caught in a situation where they say that they will drop their bogus charges “only if he gives up his weapons for good”. This is some sort of gun confiscation loophole that the police use to take our guns. This isn’t the first time this technique has been used by the police to steal someone’s gun. We have to unite and we have to stand up for our rights. This video is a clear abuse of authority.

To read this story in it’s entirety visit the National review site.

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