Man opens fire at the conservative Family Research Council HQ.

Floyd Corkins, a Virginia man who has a problem with the Family Research Council and their conservative beliefs went into their headquarters location on Wednesday and opened fire. One security guard was injured (shot in the arm) before he and several other guards managed to apprehend the suspect. The suspect upon being apprehended said “Please don’t shoot me, this was not about you, it’s about those people’s policies”. Strangely enough the suspect happened to be carrying a Chic-fil-a bag at the time of the shooting. I understand that he was posing as an intern at the FRC.

Here’s the problem, though the suspect says it’s not about the security guard, he made it about him when he threatened his life and shot him. This shooter is lucky to be alive, the guard had every right to shoot and kill him.  He’s very, very lucky in my opinion.  The guard was conscious after the shooting and was being treated at a local hospital. He is being hailed as a hero because the gunman never made it past him.

Police have not released an official motive yet, however because Corkins made statements against the FRC and their conservative political beliefs, this is being further investigated and depending on who you ask, already qualifies as a hate crime. There are confirmed reports that the suspect was a volunteer at an LGBT support center. The manager where he worked stated that Corkins was a very kind and caring individual.

A coalition of 25 gay rights groups have come forward and condemned the shooting. At this point it is too soon to say, though seeing as though the FRC is known for and has been previously attacked for their traditional values, we wouldn’t be surprised if this is deemed a hate crime. The FRC is a conservative group that is pro-life and supports traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

Here’s the part that gets me, why is this not all over the news? A colleague of mine asked me “Hey did you hear about the LGBT supporter that shot up a conservative building while carrying a Chic-fil-a bag?”  My answer was no, I hadn’t heard about this story. He then countered with “I wonder why?”

Why do you think the mainstream media buries a story like this one, yet glorifies others?  If a conservative man went into an abortion clinic or a gay supporting establishment and started shooting at staff and clients it would be all over the front page news!  But the opposite happens and it is not news worthy. It cannot be denied that big media is controlled by people that don’t want this news out.

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