Man pushed into subway tracks in NYC.

Yesterday around noon time there was an altercation between 2 men at the 49th Street N/Q/R train station.  Things got really ugly when one of them decided to push the other onto the subway tracks.  58 year old Queens resident Han Ki-Suck was unable to get out of the tracks in time to avoid an oncoming traffic and was struck by the train. After being struck he was then trapped between the train and platform, he was taken to a hospital where he died shortly thereafter from his wounds.

The attacker was still at large at the time of the original NYPD reports.  Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the victim.  This episode is a sad reminder of how delicate life is, and how dangerous the train tracks can actually be.  To think that me and my idiot friends used to willingly go into the tracks just to be “cool”.  Well, we also rode on the outside of buses, the back of UPS trucks, jumped from one roof to another, rode on the side of the trains, and some even rode on the top of the trains. Let’s just say that quite a few friends from my group have had their share of broken body parts, near death experiences, permanent life long limps, and in a few cases are not longer here with us, but that’s a whole separate post. The point here is to please be careful and keep your distance from the tracks when you are down there, it’s very dangerous and it’s a very real danger.

I hope the killer is caught and put in prison where he belongs. Regardless of what they were fighting about, there is no justifying pushing a man to such an untimely death. Simply thinking about what this poor old man could have been feeling during those last few moments of his life is heart wrenching, terrifying, sad, and all around just wrong. I hope justice is served.

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