Mark Hughes Is NOT a Dallas Police Shooting Suspect

Shortly after the shooting of several police officers in Dallas, this image was tweeted out identifying Mark Hughes as one of the suspects in the shooting. Mark Hughes has since then been cleared of all charges. However, the Dallas twitter account has yet to post anything saying that he is cleared. You would think, since that image has been retweeted thousands of times, that they would go out of their way to ensure his safety!

Shaun King has been keeping us updated via his facebook page, and it seems as though Mark is still being threatened and in danger by people who are looking for him. Most recently it seems the threat came from some white supremacists who were tracking him and his family.

The Dallas PD needs to hold a press conference and clear this man’s name. It should be tweeted, and pinned to the top. “This man is no longer a suspect, and 100% innocent.” If anything happens to Mark Hughes, or anyone in his family due to this horrible mistake, all persons who are involved with the Dallas PD twitter account should be held completely responsible.

They might not be shooting him dead in the street, but they are most definitely endangering this man’s life. They don’t care though, just another black guy who might get hurt, right? This one was carrying a gun, and we can’t have that! Who told him that the second amendment applies to him?

mark hughes

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