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For over a year or so, I have been taking the Isotonix products. My wife is a Market America affiliate, and she encouraged me to try them out. Allegedly, the products are great for health, and would help me with my journey back to fitness.

Naturally, I was extremely skeptical, and wasn’t buying it. However, I did start to take the products while simultaneously beginning my journey back to fitness. Now, the ways I gauged whether or not this was working for me were a few.

  1. Was my nail bed detached, or torn looking?
  2. Did I get frequent colds while starting to train again?
  3. Did my migraines stop?

Now, as with all supplements, I’m never entirely, 100% convinced that they work, or that they even are what they claim to be. Yes, my wife works with these folks, but I’m not going to lie to you guys because of that. Even now, as I look at my nails, I see the nail bed is healthy. This has always been one of the things that I look at when determining if a product is keeping me healthy. For a time, when I took Usana products, it appeared to work for me, but over time it stopped. As I mentioned earlier, I’m closing in on a year and a half of taking these products, and thus far, the nail bed still appears healthy. The other thing with Usana was that I still got headaches, in fact, I suspect they may have been triggering them!

One of the major discouraging factors, every freaking time that I started training, was that I’d get sick within the first week or two. Without fail, every time I started, I’d catch a nasty cold with headaches, then I’d have to take time off to recover, thus keeping me in a vicious cycle where I could never progress in training.  While taking these products, (I’ll list all I take at the end) I’ve managed to stay healthy. No colds in the beginning, and extremely short lived ones since then, if ever due to exposure, weather, or over training. This was crucial in getting me over that initial hump. It is extremely discouraging to start training, only to take ill soon after. It made no sense to me.

Finally, those terrible migraine headaches. Since I started these products, my migraines have practically all but disappeared. On occasion I’ll get a nasty headache, but it hasn’t been as intense, and definitely not as frequent as before. Now, I will say, I changed my eating, lost over 60 pounds, and lowered my blood pressure. It is possible that these things factored into this as well, but since taking Vitamin B Complex regularly, the headaches have been mostly under control.

All that I have said is 100% truth, Market America isn’t giving me a dime, and though I will insert an affiliate link, the pennies my wife would get if you buy something wouldn’t even pay for half of a paragraph in this article if it were sponsored. I’m doing this from the heart, in hopes that it can benefit someone out there who may have had the same issues I did.

I don’t trust doctors, prescribed medicine, over the counter meds, and I don’t trust the supplement industry. For all we know, they could be selling us pure flavored sugar, under the guise of being vitamins. Protein shakes could be sugar, who knows what we are really being sold? However, I have to acknowledge that my health has improved, I’ve been able to train harder, longer, and without getting sick since I started taking these products.

Now, when it comes to how we take them, it’s a bit annoying, though not a deal breaker. They come in powder form, and you have to pour each one into a cup, then mix it. Depending how many products you are taking, this could become a bit tedious. However, I’ve become quite efficient at it, and have no trouble making my cocktail in the morning and then carrying on throughout the day.

At one point, we had some bloodwork done, and this informed us of what we were deficient in, and the doctor told us what we should take more of. I’m not sure how much faith I had in the process, but we tried it out and took the recommendations. My wife and I both did it. Now, I take the essentials that I think are required for regular function, and I’m still all good.

Below I’ll list the products I take every morning, and why I do.

OPC: Antioxidant, supposed to have all sorts of health benefits. Made up primarily of pycnogenol.

Resveratrol: Another antioxidant that is supposed to help you fight off free radicals, and allegedly helps prevent cancer.

Calcium: This is used to keep my bones healthy, and combined with B, is supposed to help you get better sleep.

Vitamin B Complex: Vitamin B has a whole host of health benefits, but the primary reason I take this product is because it’s supposed to prevent migraines.

Vitamin C: Keep the colds away.

Multivitamin: Provides vitamins that I may not get through food and the other supplements.

Digestive Enzymes: Taken only as necessary. For instance, if I eat garbage, or too much food, I’ll take this to aid in the removal process.

Immune: I take this when I feel a cold coming on. It’s supposed to make your immune system stronger, it’s pricey so we only take when necessary. It’s like an airborne, or cold eeze. Take it as soon as you feel a cold starting.

Fish Oil: There are all sorts of heart healthy benefits associated with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. I take this for general health and well being.

CLA: This one is supposed to aid in the body naturally releasing body fat, in a healthy way. I seldom take this, but I keep a bottle around for when I remember to take it. I don’t believe that there is a miracle pill for weight loss, and I stay away from most, this one seems to be more along the lines of the fish oils, posing little to no risk to my health.

That is a comprehensive break down of what I take. To learn more about any product, visit my “” website, and do some reading. If you buy something, I’ll probably get like 2 pennies, you on the other hand, may experience health improvements. Nothing to lose by trying, but like I said, it could be all in my head, or, maybe this stuff is actually legit.

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