Masterchef top contestant Monti Carlo cooks for Cosby?

Any of you that watch cooking shows are probably no stranger to Chef Gordon Ramsay. He holds multiple Michelin stars and has various restaurants throughout the world. In addition he also has several television programs, one of which is called “Masterchef”! This is a show where they get together a bunch of home cooks and put them against each other in many different cooking competitions. At the end, the last cook standing becomes the Masterchef!  These type of shows are one of my guilty pleasures, I never thought I would sit and watch a show on PEOPLE COOKING, but I have, quite a few actually. Sorry.

One of the home cooks from season 3 of Masterchef is Monti Carlo. Normally I am not one to remember or learn the names of tv personalities, but you can’t help but learn Monti’s name. She was one of the more outgoing, entertaining cooks on the show. She’s a mom, and she works at a morning radio show on Phoenix’s My 103.9. If you’d like to learn a little more about Monti, check out the About section on her web site.

For those of you that don’t follow Masterchef or don’t know of Monti, allow me to tell you that she is a great person to add to you repertoire of followed tv people. You can check out her personal website “Slap yo momma“, and she can also be found on twitter and facebook at the addresses below:

Find me on FaceBoook: /MC3Monti AND /MightyMontiCarlo AND /MontiSlapYoMomma

Find me on Twitter: @MC3Monti AND @MightyCarlo

She does respond and engages with her friends and fans on facebook and twitter. I happen to speak to her from time to time and can attest to this. So what’s cooking for Monti these days? She is! Get it? She’s a cook, get it? She’s cooking? Right. Well she’s still active on her radio show, she still has a goal of building her “Slap yo momma” food truck and frozen food army, and she’s enjoying the ride!  More recently we learned from her that she will be cooking for Bill Cosby on Valentines day, February 14th! Ooooh, that sounds like fun!

NYCTalking wishes Monti Carlo all the best in her endeavors. I personally look forward to one day having the great pleasure of trying her food!

*chants* Monti, Monti, Monti!!!!

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    10-12-2012 at 10:36 am

    DUDE! Thanks sooo much!

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