Meet Amy Hanley

Meet Amy Hanley – Sin City Rules Reality TV Star/Business Owner/Mob Doll

As is often the case for me these days, many of the guests on television and radio shows are new to me. This was the first time I heard the name Amy Hanley. I don’t like to lie, (too much) I’m not going to come on here and say that I’ve been her biggest fan forever, and that I’ve been following her work for years. Some writers lie like that for the sake of an article, but that’s not my style, that would be B.S and she’d know it, you’d know it and my credibility as a reputable writer would be garbage. So I’m not going to do that, I keeps it real! With the exception of Big Daddy Kane, everyone on the TRS 3 hour special was new to me. But I will say this, though I’ve only just recently learned of Amy Hanley, I have come to the conclusion that she is a freaking awesome person!

Does that sound like B.S. to you? Allow me to explain my position because I can imagine that considering what I just said before about not knowing anything about her ~ you are probably wondering how I concluded that she’s an awesome person. Well, let me ask you guys this question, how many established television personalities do you know that would take the time out of their day to talk to, or even acknowledge someone like me? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not on here putting myself down, I know my worth but I’m also realistic and I know my current standing in this space. By saying “someone like me” I’m not coming down on myself, but what I do mean is that I am someone that is relatively unknown. Let’s be real here, I’m pretty much a nobody in the entertainment industry. That doesn’t stop Amy Hanley from repeatedly speaking with me on Twitter, and it doesn’t stop her from taking my hard work seriously. That is something I can stand behind; that’s big and it’s something that I greatly appreciate.

As a fellow artist that means a lot to me! That gets you instant respect, instant props, and though she’s new to me, I am now an instant fan. I definitely know who she is now, I even went further into my research. After watching several of her interviews, show clips, Youtube videos, reading some articles and seeing some, uhm, pictures, I would say I now know quite a bit about Amy, who she is and her back story. That’s how this works y’all, there was a time that I didn’t know who Bruno Mars was and there was a time I didn’t know who Eminem or Charlie Scott were, but today I am one of their biggest and most loyal fans!

Most of you will know Amy Hanley from the reality show Sin City Rules, a TLC reality show that follows 5 powerful women in Las Vegas! Though the show is probably one of the projects that gives her the most visibility, Amy is involved with a lot more. For starters, her father, and later her new dad via a remarriage, were both involved with the mob scene in Vegas. I’m not talking about laundry pick up guys either, I’m talking about legit mobsters. I wont make this post about that topic, but if you’d like to learn more about her biological father simply Google Tom Hanley, you will learn about him and more of her mob history. Amy states clearly, “I didn’t choose this life, I was born into it.”

During the show Alysia asked Amy how she was able to get on the show Sin City Rules. Amy stated that they actually found her, she didn’t look for the show herself. I’d say that’s pretty cool when a television show seeks you out. She thinks it’s cool too, but Amy said that the part she found to be the scariest and hardest about doing the show is the amount of hours that she has to put in to it every week. Between scheduling, locations calls and so on she said that the show could take anywhere between 10 to 15 hours a day to record. Amy happens to be an entrepreneur herself and owns several businesses, with so much of her day going towards the show she said that managing her businesses was difficult. I can relate, one could argue that I hold 4 careers simultaneously, so I get it. I mentioned before, if not for my I-phone and it’s reminders and calendar, I’d be done!

One of Amy’s businesses deals with cleaning up the little messes that elite people create for themselves. I guess she is good at keeping and resolving those nasty little secrets the “Elite” must have, we all know that rich and powerful people get into some cray cray stuff! Know what I’m saying? Amy also has a clothing line called Mob Doll, the line is what is called “high fashion” couture items and the sort. She often wears her Mob Doll clothing and the website is due to go live soon. Like Drake says, “Oh you fancy now?” Hehehe. She is also taking on a new business venture called “Take On.” See what I did there? The plans is for this to become a TV  show as well, the premise is based on Amy visiting businesses and the providing reviews about them. As a blogger, I know this to be a lucrative business, I’m not big or making money in that arena, but I know of quite a few people that have made big names for themselves in that space.  Take Michelle Phan for instance, she has only to blog and post You Tube video reviews of products and they are comped or she is otherwise rewarded for featuring the product. It’s pretty awesome and you can in fact make a living doing off of this. I’m certain that along with her current business ventures Amy will do well in this space.

You know they say that “it’s a small world”. That holds true quite often, as an artist, as a writer and even on something like Twitter which has millions of users; everyone in any one scene knows each other. Amy has a friend by name of Nora Schweihs who also happens to be on a television reality show, she’s a part of VH1′s Mob Wives Chicago. That’s actually how Amy got to know Alysia as they both share Nora as a friend. Small world indeed y’all. When asked about Nora, Amy told me via twitter that they share similar circumstances and that they are both real!

Everyone knows you cannot have any level of fame in this country and not be targeted by the famed paparazzi. Fame and the paparazzi go hand in hand. Amy was telling us on the show that they know when she takes time off from the limelight, but just the same they know when she comes back. She says that they are not always good to her, for instance if she misses an event that she was committed to, they may portray her as having “snubbed” the event. But according to Amy the fact of the matter is that if she misses an event it is because something was wrong with her or her children. She makes it very clear that her children are her priority, she also tries to keep them out of the spotlight so that they may have normal lives!

Amy has led an interesting life, and I’m sure there is more to come. Check out her Mob Dolls clothing line and stay tuned for all of her exciting upcoming projects!

Next up, yo I believe that’s me, Big Daddy Kane pick up the mic for the Symphony! Who gets that Marley Marl lyrical reference? Yeah,  you get it, you get it.

This post was originally featured on TRS247

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6 years ago

Meet Amy Hanley #greatstory and thank you angel