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When Alysia first tagged me on her tweet about this specific show episode, the first name I clicked on was Brandon’s. There was no rhyme or reason for that, it just happened to be the first name that my eyes landed on after seeing the tweet. So I went and looked up his music, his pages, websites and so on. The first thing I thought to myself when I saw Brandon was “Holy crap this dude is beautiful”! This is one beautiful man, he’s got that Anne Rice Vampire beauty to him. For those who do not know me, I LOVE Anne Rice’s vampires! So yes, I can say that a guy is beautiful yo! I’m one of those straight dudes that has no issues stating that a guy is good looking.

After admiring his visage for a while, I then moved on to enjoy his music. I listened to a few songs that were piano based, and some that were straight up dance hits! I enjoyed both styles, I’m a very versatile person when it comes to music and I can appreciate many musical styles. I love artists that can perform different types of music. By the way, I shared out Brandon’s song “One”, it makes me want to dance so bad! It’s also promoting a message of oneness and equality. Not many people know this, but I have a “dance” style song out as well! I don’t promote it heavily as it still needs more work before I am satisfied. I’ll tell you this, I want Brandon’s opinion on it as it seems to be one of the many things he’s good at. You hear that Brandon? I’m coming to you for a professional opinion! I need this musical awesomeness in my life! I absolutely love this song! “Oooneeeee….. We will be together….”

Okay, so one of the key items that Brandon Hilton clarified for us during the show is that he is NOT related to Paris Hilton. In fact he said that she has him blocked on twitter, I’m not sure exactly why though. When Alysia asked Brandon about when he found his voice, he comically answered “I was born with my voice”. Haha. He said that artistically he discovered himself about 2 years ago. He stated that he loves to make music and to spread a message of love while eradicating hate.

Brandon is also involved with anti-bullying projects, something near and dear to TRS’ heart. Brandon said that he’s dealt with bullying since he was younger in school as well as with cyber bullying. He also told us that for some reason he seems to have his accounts compromised often, again, I’m we are not sure why that is. As I looked through his Youtube channel I had a  firsthand look at quite a few hateful comments directed at him. I commented and advised him that though it may not always be easy to “walk away”, that he should not acknowledge those types of comments. We all have haters, and the bigger and more successful we get, the more haters come out of the woodwork. Everyone is a tough guy behind the computer, you know what I’m saying? When asked if this was difficult for him, he said he finds his biggest challenge as an artist is overcoming people’s preconceived perceptions. I think we can all agree with that in life!

Brandon Hilton

Brandon has a nice size following, and when asked about this he told us that he has a growing fan base in Europe and Mexico. However the US and Canada appear to provide the most acceptance and support of his work. That’s reasonable considering this is his home, though many artists hit it big overseas before making it in the States.

Brandon’s not just a musician, he’s also an actor. He told us that his boyfriend was laughing during this part of the interview, I’m not sure why that would be but I bet they have some inside joke! going on over there! Heheh. So he has a role in a LGBT film called “Midnight Cabaret”, as well as 5 songs in the movie soundtrack. It is a movie about a guy who is bullied and teased, but at some point he goes to a gay club and becomes who he is really meant to be. It’s a film about transformation into who you are, not who they want you to be. The film is an LGBT coming of age piece and is up for release very soon!

On the same subject of LGBT he was asked if he’s ever performed at the NYC Pride parade. Brandon stated that he has been to many gay pride parades and performed at many throughout the United States, but he hasn’t done NYC pride yet. Brandon, dude, what’s up buddy, I’d imagine that an NYC pride parade would absolutely be the best compared to any others! Come on down and do your thing buddy!

Brandon is an independent artist, as the show often does Alysia and Cris wanted to know if he prefers being indie or signed? He told the audience that he likes being an indie artist.  He feels it is respectable as an artist because you do EVERYTHING and you have 100% full creative control. The down side to that is that you do EVERYTHING, and doing all that work takes away from the creative process. That is where being signed to a label can help, they can take on some of the marketing, production and so on. With a label supporting you, as the artist you can focus solely on what you do, which is the art. The down side is that now you have someone controlling your image, what you release, and so on. As a man that wears many hats, ranging from musical performer to writer with a full time job, I am no stranger to self promotion and I can appreciate the amount of work it takes. It is a lot of work, so Brandon, I feel you man. I feel you. My hats off to you brother.

Speaking of promotion, Brandon has some new songs coming out! Keep an eye on this young artist, he’s doing big things.

Here’s a cool yet not so cool informative little tidbit that we can throw in to close this segment. Brandon and Lady gaga were good friends, for some reason that he did not share with us, apparently they are no longer friends. So some of Lady Gaga’s fans have taken to attacking Brandon online. He’s been told that he should get cancer and die, to kill himself among other kind things. Jeez guys, that’s kind of mean. We are all in this together and to quote our friend Rodney King (RIP), “Can’t we all just get along?”

This post was originally featured on TRS247

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