Mentally Ill Aggression

3 of us were on an elevator, 2 men, and one lady. We saw a guy coming, and the lady held the door for him. Not gonna lie, I would have been pressing door close as soon as I got on. Nothing against him, I probably wouldn’t haven’t seen him cause I don’t let it close on it’s own. I help it along, that’s just me though.

As she holds the door for the guy, he says, “That’s right, you better hold the f*cking door for me.” We all look at each other like what the f*ck was that? I spy an older lady making her way towards the elevator, and I loudly say, “I’ll HOLD THE DOOR FOR HER.” I stick my arm out to hold it for her and he says, “I got this.” I don’t budge from my position, and we look at each other.

The older lady then comes on and tells the guy, “We are going to the 4th floor.” I realize now that they are together, and she’s clearly embarrassed by his hostile behavior. My street instincts told me that I needed to show some form of defiance to this jerk in order to keep him in line. He had been looking at me, sizing me up, so I started to talk to his mom in Spanish. “Como esta usted en este dia?” How are you doing today? He continues to look at me, and she says, “Bien, aqui con mi hijo.” I’m good, here with my son.

She’s taking him to the center upstairs. They deal with individuals who have been arrested, and are required to show up here as a form of their treatment. So we get the crazies on occasion. He then started staring at the buttons, and mumbling some odd random stuff, again, the old lady appeared to take a deep breath for patience. That’s when I realized that in addition to displaying aggressive tendencies, this guy is actually mentally jacked up. He’s mentally ill to some extent.

I thought about it, if this is how he behaves, it’s no surprise that he was arrested, and even in jail, he wouldn’t do well if that’s how he is mentally wired. This guy needs supervision, but also mental assistance in order to function in society. With his mentally ill aggression I can see how easily this elevator situation could have escalated into a violent confrontation depending on who was in there. I can also see how he’d easily end up in handcuffs if he treated a random cop on the street that way. This dude has issues, obviously he needs treatment. Hopefully they can help this guy upstairs, otherwise, he’s in for a continued rough ride. I feel sorry for the mom, she was a sweet old lady.

When my floor came, I told the sweet old lady, “Pase buen dia, y cuidese.” She thanked me for wishing her a good day and gave me a sweet smile. For her sake, I hope he gets sorted out. But he’s not a kid, he’s a grown man, so I’m not that optimistic about change.

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Angel Rodriguez

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