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Every once in a great while a famous chef lives up to their reputation. For years myself and my wife have been watching Bobby Flay on the food network. For years we have seen him create amazing recipe after recipe, we’ve watched his famous “throw downs” and more recently we’ve seen his restaurant rescue show. We decided to go to Mesa Grill for my wife’s birthday with her buddy and his lady friend.  This has been by far one of the best culinary decisions we have made thus far in our food sampling careers. The dishes here lived up to and surpassed all of our expectations! Bobby Flay’s menu is the shiznit!

Let’s talk about the bread. Unlike other places, these guys provided an exotic array of breads and soft butter to accompany it.  We enjoyed trying out the different flavors of bread we were provided.

As an appetizer I went with the chipotle peanut sauce ribs. I don’t eat ribs all that often and I figured what better place to try some ribs than at Bobby Flay’s restaurant? The ribs were tender, tasty, they came right off the bone and melted in my mouth. I’m not a huge fan of peanut sauce but I wanted to give them a try. Well, I confirmed, I’m not a fan of peanut sauce, but from a cooking and technique perspective these were cooked perfectly. The sauce and flavoring are not really what I like, but this was an experimental dish for me. Considering the fact that I ate the entire dish speaks volumes of how good it would taste to someone that loves peanut sauce. Do note that this dish is slightly spicy.

For my entree I had the Mango and spice crusted tuna steak with Green Peppercorn-Green Chile Sauce and Toasted Pine Nut Cous Cous. The tuna is sushi grade tuna, so I ordered it rare. This dish was really good, but not my favorite item of the evening. The tuna was delicious as was the cous cous and flavorings, but some of the side dishes and the steak were far superior to this product. It’s a substantial dish, they are not cheap with the portions here.

My wife and our buddy’s lady had the special of the day for their entree.  Friday this was the Artic char with Mussels, Red Chiles + Charred Tomato Garlic Broth. I tried it and the fish tasted really good. It didn’t taste fishy at all. Hmmm. Fish….

Our buddy had the Chipotle glazed rib eye with Red and Green Chile Sauces. Ohhhh.. This beef was amazing, I mean amazing. Next time I go to Mesa Grill I’ll be having this, it was so good.

We had a few side items to eat with our dishes:

Roasted Corn with Chipotle Aioli, Lime and Cotija – This dish was my favorite side of the evening, and really an item that made a huge impression here. You have to try this if you go to Mesa. Trust me on this one, Flay makes magic with simple corn!

Mashed Potatoes with Green Chile Queso Sauce – These mashed potatoes were good, but they didn’t “blow” my mind. I think I have had mashed that hit the spot a little better. However, in the mashed potatoe’s defense, I ate them AFTER eating that amazing corn.

Sauteed Spinach – The spinach was also very delicious. For some reason I didn’t get a shot of the spinach, but here’s a picture of Popeye eating spinach.

By the end of the main dishes we were all pretty damn stuffed, I mean full as can be. However you cannot, absolutely cannot go to Bobby Flay’s restaurant and not have dessert! That would be an insult to the chef and all things food.  So we ordered 2 desserts and shared them among the table. First we went with the apple Sundae with Nutmeg Ice Cream and Warm Caramel Apple Sauce. My buddy said of this dish “Where’s the apple pie?”, to which our waiter answered “It’s an apple pie sundae dude”. Ohhhhhh… Pretty good, pretty good..

As the final dessert we had the toasted coconut layer cake with Coconut Cream Sauce. For good measure I asked for Vanilla Bean Ice Cream on the side. This was not a problem but there was a slight up charge for the ice cream. That’s fair. This dessert was amazing. That coconut cake is to die for, and with the ice cream it’s heaven.

And in case you’d like to see how their toilet paper looks, I thought I’d include that too!

Finally a picture of the happy couple, me and wife during the delicious dinner at Mesa Grill. I highly recommended this restaurant!

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