Michael Jackson Estate Owns Fifty Percent Of Sony!

Some of you may not be aware of just how smart a business man Michael Jackson was. In one of his performances he said he really doesn’t like to talk, that he prefers to perform. He then put up a sign that said #sonykillsmusic. Jackson said that Sony was mad at him because he was planning to leave, and that over time he owned over 50% of their catalogue. According to Michael’s words, he out smarted Sony, and they didn’t like that. He also stated that he was about to become a free agent, and that he had hundreds of songs that he would release!

Oh, and he called Tommy Mottola the devil. Any fans of Michael know that he didn’t use profanity often, and he certainly didn’t attack people often either. That being said, for him to call someone mean, and address them as the devil publicly, well, they must really have pissed him off. In any case, his words were during this concert speech were “The best is yet to come.”

Michael Jackson talks candidly about how devils tried to destr…6 years ago we were working w Michael Jackson designing his websites and developing his mobile campaign for his tour. We were shocked to hear that he was killed but what did he really die from? Listen to his own words. [RARE VIDEO]Share with anybody in the music industry. RIP Michael Jackson. #michaeljackson #kingofpop #sony #devils #musicpublishing #apdta #mobileregime

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Finally, his life comes to a tragic end because of a “mix up” of medicines?  I know that when we lose an icon, we all try to think up reasons, or look to put blame. But is there really more to it? Will the truth ever come out? Only time will tell on that. I’m not big on conspiracy theories, but I am open to all things.

Michael Jackson was one of my favorite artists, and I hate that I never got to see him perform live! I hate that his amazing life was cut short, he truly was one of a kind. Musically, and as a fan of art, his loss is one of the biggest our generation has experienced.

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