Michael Slager the cop who killed Walter Scott sentenced to 20 years!

Sometime ago in South Carolina, we saw the video of Michael Slager shooting Walter Scott in the back. This video was one of the most disgusting and troubling police shootings that I’ve seen. I argued then that Walter Scott posed no danger to Slager or any other police officer. He was fleeing and had his back turned to them. Then this scumbag shot him.

Today I saw headlines that a cop was being sentenced to 20 years in the shooting of an unarmed black man. I thought to myself, this is great, finally someone is receiving the punishment they deserve. I hadn’t seen the details as I’ve been rather busy, but if you follow my work, you know that I was very vocal about Walter Scott being killed. Then when researching Walter Scott to make a point on an unrelated matter, I saw the same headline. That’s when I noticed, “holy shit, the cop being sentenced is the one who killed Walter Scott!” This news doesn’t bring him back, and it’s of little comfort to the family, but at least this disgusting act will not go unpunished!

I know that not all cops are bad, and some shootings are justified. But the shooting of Walter Scott was a heinous, cowardly, senseless shooting. That man did not deserve to die over a traffic stop. Worse yet, this jerk shot him in the back while he was trying to get away. Justice has been served!

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