Momofuku Ma Peche (The Return)

I took my wife to Ma Peche for her birthday. And if you read my write up, you’ll see that we enjoyed that restaurant. The food there was delicious. We did have a bit of a mishap with the dessert, and my wife felt slightly upset about it. The Ma Peche social media and customer service team reached out to me after seeing my review. They were really interested in my thoughts, and wanted to make things right.

Sara invited us to come and give the restaurant another shot. I expressed that the food was good, and it was only the dessert that let us down. But she really wanted us to have another shot. We agreed and went in.

Upon arriving, we once again found that the service here was phenomenal. On this day we were considered VIP, so we got even more service, on top of their already excellent service. I cannot express to you how good the service here is. Even on the day that we were unhappy with the dessert, the server was understanding.

So let’s talk about the food again shall we!

We had this dish last time, it’s broccoli with sunflower seeds. We had to have it again because it is so damn good. Thinking about it now, I’m getting hungry to have that delicious crunch in mouth!

Tartare, yes please! Can you say yum? Absolutely delicious, and extremely pleasing to the palate.

The potatoes had a delicious flavor, a nice crispy texture on the outside, and were overall delicious. For good measure, you can also see that amazing broccoli dish in this image. LOL.

Not your typical pork bun, but no less delicious than a regular pork bun. In fact, this is like the fancy smancy uber delicious version of a pork bun!

Fish and some sticky rice, another delectable treat at this amazing restaurant. This looks so good to me right now!

Habanero fried chicken, let me tell you, don’t disrespect this chicken. It’s delicious, but it is caliente! Spice central over here! You’ll be sweating, but you can’t stop eating it cause it’s so good!

Finally came this dessert. They say that pictures are worth a thousand words. So in closing, I’ll allow this picture to speak for me!

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