Montel William Goes In On Donald Trump

I think saying that Montel is pissed off at Trump would be a grave understatement. I agree with Montel on this one, Trump has crossed yet another line.

Here is what I think, Trump wants to keep people talking about him. He’s under the delusion that the more press he gets, the more his chances of winning improve.

Anyone who knows a damn thing about the current climate knows for damn sure that Trump cannot win the presidential election. Even if he were to earn the GOP nomination, which I highly, highly doubt, he would never in a million years beat the current front runner for the democrats, Hillary Clinton.  It’s just not going to happen.

That being said, I’m not sure what the hell Trump’s long term agenda is here? He has a lot of money, so he’s not worried about all the people that are dropping him for his nasty comments against the latino community. But now he is attacking a veteran who was a POW in John McCain, what’s the end game, Trump? Now you are pissing off Conservatives, even more than you already were!

Here are Montel’s powerful thoughts on Trump’s latest jerk off move.

Donald Trump is a carnival barker and a punk. Don't ever disparage the service of a POW and don't tell me you will be greatest President ever for military after you did so. Trump didn't have the courage to serve and he pulls this?Don't agree with John McCain's politics much of the time – WILL NEVER disrespect his service or question his courage.

Posted by Montel Williams on Saturday, July 18, 2015

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