Mother allows man to rape infant.

Again I am forced to revisit the topic of abusers, predators.

Today I read a story about a woman who allowed a man she met on the internet (a professor mind you) have sexual relations with her infant (6 months or so old) child.

The man received a 37 year prison sentence, and the woman received 2 life sentences with no chance of parole. The woman attempted to plead insanity, her defense was that she had dependency issues and that’s why she allowed this to happen to her baby. She would have us believe she did this so the man would stay. One thing is true in that statement, she is insane!

The question has to be asked, and this in no way is to defend the woman, I just want to know HOW DOES THE MAN ONLY GET 37 YEARS! He’s the one that actually did the pedophile act! She is the scum of the earth, but this professor is the scum of the scum of the earth!

There is a chance that this animal could be back in the street sooner for good behavior. If the inmates don’t get him first, this guy could be back out om the street again. I cannot understand how a man could violate a child, and our justice system gives the man such a light sentence compared to woman.

When writing here on NYCTalking, I try very hard to stick to the facts. I try report facts to the best of my ability, and though I do share opinions, I try not to go too extreme with my feelings. But this crime, it’s just too much. I hope those 2 get what they truly deserve, in this world, and the next!

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    • Angel Rodriguez

      05-05-2012 at 12:00 pm

      I hope the put both of them in general population, and they get what they deserve!

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