Mother Nature's Wrath Is No Joke!

Having a stuffy nose and using a cpap machine does not make for good sleep. I was up at about 5:30 am. After taking my vitamins, and having some breakfast, I wanted to get some more sleep. As I settled in for round two of sleeping, it happened.

I heard one of the loudest thunder bangs that I have ever heard in NYC. The closest to this power that I have ever heard was in Miami a few years ago. The boom was so loud that it literally terrified me. I ain’t gonna lie to y’all, that thing scared me son!

Immediately after the bang it began to pour rain forcefully. I realized something that I have known most of my life. Mother Nature is no joke! The thunder and rain lasted only a few minutes, but I think she made her point.

Living in NYC, we only have to worry about silly things like getting shot, robbed, pushed into a train, or blown up by terrorists. Mother Nature has generally left us alone. However, as was evident during Hurricane Irene, and Hurricane Sandy, we are not immune. Not to mention some years ago I think I even felt an Earthquake while at work.

All that being said, remember Hurricane Sandy and how things were during that week or two (longer for some), make sure you take steps to protect yourself and yours during a major catastrophe. I’m not advocating for prepper type paranoia, but it doesn’t hurt to keep some water, food, and the means to secure and protect these items for such an emergency. Just saying, yo!

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