Movie Review: After Earth

Right off the bat, I’ll say that this movie wasn’t what I expected. Will Smith is sort of like a supporting side character and not the main protagonist in the film. His son, Jaden Smith is. I’ll say this though, the kid was very convincing and did  a pretty good job. I’m not gonna hate on the next generation of Smith actors. I hate nepotism, and I think we can all agree that his bloodline is the reason he was in the film to begin with; however, that being said, he’s actually pretty good and put forth a great performance. The scene that stands out most in my mind is when he and his dad are having it out by the water falls, his power really came out in that scene.

The story is that earth became an uninhabitable place for humans, so we moved to some other planet to live. Will Smith is a General in the new Army and he’s always away fighting wars. Jaden wants to be a “ranger” too, just like his dad, but he doesn’t make the cut this time around. The kid is a mess because his sister was killed right in front of him while he cowered and hid. He blames his dad, sort of. At one point his mom tells her husband, the General, that his son needs a father, not a commanding officer. To try and form some sort of corrective bond, they end up taking  a trip together to some place I didn’t really get the name of.

That’s when it hit the fan. Asteroids storm, plane crashes, oops, they are now on earth. Conveniently they are the only survivors, and now Jaden has to negotiate all the dangers of this new earth and find a signal beacon to save them both. That the movie in a nutshell. I’m going out for dinner so this had to be a quickie! It’s a good movie though.

Hopefully without providing any real spoilers, I have given you enough info about the movie to either spark some interest or for your to write it off as wack. I actually enjoyed it, and so did my wife. Check out After Earth, it’s a pretty decent film.

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