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This is one of those movies that doesn’t necessarily blow your mind with interest, but you still MUST see it. I’m a Stallone and Arnold fan, so simply by putting those two boys in the film you have peaked my interest. Same reason that I had to watch “The Expendables.” I love my 80’s action stars.


The boys are definitely no spring chickens anymore, but they can still make an entertaining action film! In this one we even get to see Arnold freak out in his native tongue while being tortured in a special, bright light sauna, pretty damn awesome! Sly is still pretty damn jacked up, the boy keeps in shape, so you also get to see some arm veins! Damn son, what are you eating?

Sylvester Stallone

The film is built on the premise that Sly and a few of his friends are running a company where his job is to escape from prison. Basically he takes on a fake identity, goes to prison for some fake crime, studies the place, exploits the weaknesses, then he manages to escape. He then let’s himself get caught, returns back to the prison and teaches the warden and staff how he did it.

Due to his special skill set, Sly is recruited to test out a new, state of the art, privately funded prison. This is where things go a little crazy, and the plot thickens. His imprisonment in this new jail is some part of a special setup. A scheme to get him out of the picture and keep him buried for the rest of his life.

In this special prison is where Sly meets Arnold. Over time they form a friendship and their great escape plan from this begins to take shape. It’s pretty crazy and as I don’t want to provide any spoilers, I’ll leave it at this in terms of details.

I enjoyed the film, but like I said, I’m a bit biased as I am a fan. I saw a few major plot holes in the film. For instance, instead of jailing Stallone, a perfect escape artist, if these guys wanted him out of the picture, they could have just killed him easily once in the prison. There was absolutely no way anyone would have known. But, apparently the value of these prisoners was only good with them alive. Meh, let’s just say that playing that game with Stallone was a mistake.

This next picture is just a random picture of buffed Arnold and Stallone back in the days, you know, because they are buffed.

stallone and arnold

Check out the film, it’s entertaining, especially if you are a fan.

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