Muslim Rapper Sings Out Against Anti Muslim Sentiment

Gibran Malik who goes by the artist name King Sage is a devout Muslim. He was born and raised in Queens. His parents come from Pakistan, but he considers himself as American as any of us. This makes perfect sense to me seeing as though he has grown up in the United States. He should most definitely consider himself American.

The interesting thing is that given today’s political climate, some people would look upon him as an enemy simply because of where his ancestors were from, and his religious beliefs.

After putting up a post defending Ahmed, the clock building kid, I have been attacked extremely aggressively. The commentary and statements that I have had directed at me are loaded with so much hatred, bigotry, and hypocrisy! When you call these people on their words, they claim that you are ignorant and willfully blind to the invasion of America by Islamic Extremist.

This is why I couldn’t wait to share this song with you guys. The video begins and closes with Bill O’Reilly fighting as he always does against Arabs, and the content of the song is perfect for these bigots and haters. Please take a moment and check out the song, you might learn something.

**Warning Explicit Language**

King Sage is available for tv, radio, and online interviews.

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