Must See Film: Big Hero 6

After watching this movie, it has instantly become one of my all time favorites. The film has it all, laughter, drama, heartbreak, action, plot twists, and pure, unfettered awesomeness!


The very first thing that caught my attention about this film was Baymax. He is a giant, fluffy, lovable, healthcare providing robot. Hiro’s brother designed him, and he goes on to become the focal point of the film. I mean look at this guy! He looks like the stay puffed marshmallow man, and everyone knows that you have to be a special type of person not to instantly adore someone who looks like the stay puffed marshmallow man! Now, to make Baymax even more awesome, he’s hilariously clumsy, and insists on helping you with any healthcare needs! Be they physical, mental, and even hormonal!

hiro baymax

The story revolves around a Hiro, and his journey from street “Robot Fighter,” to college student & superhero. The way it all happens is actually pretty freaking sad, and I can’t help but wonder who Hiro pissed off at Disney to get hit with such a streak of bad luck! I mean, you can see it all coming, but damn bro, that’s just rough. The kid is super smart, and his brother wants him to join him at his “nerd school.” Hiro Hamada, who graduated High School at a very young age would rather spend his time hustling robot fighters out of their money. The very first scene is actually pretty funny, and quite telling as to where the movie was heading.

the mask

I don’t want to put in any spoilers, as I’d rather you watch the movie, than read about it from my experience. But this guy right here is the main bad guy. The masked creep, who turns out to be… Oh wait, I said no spoilers! Ok, I won’t put in any spoilers on this one, you just need to watch it. Suffice it to say, that this was not expected! But as usual, I wasn’t surprised.

big hero 6

To take on the powerful masked villain, Hiro and some individuals whom I cannot tell you about in detail (no spoilers) form a team, The Big Hero 6! Insanity, hilarity, and awesomeness ensues!

Look, Disney isn’t giving me a damn penny for this post! No one is giving me, or providing me with anything for plugging this film. I simply enjoyed it, as did my family. We were all screaming while watching this one, it was that awesome! Trust me, as soon as this movie hits Bluray, get your hands on it! It is 100% worth watching for kids of all ages!

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