Netflix film Mute

Yesterday my wife and I watched the film “Mute.” This movie was a bit weird to me, but overall it was enjoyable. I’m a fan of “Leo,” also known as Eric Northman from the popular television series, True Blood. Alexander Skarsgård is a great actor, and in this film he played a man who was Mute, yet don’t let the fact that he didn’t speak imply that he was missing anything.

Despite saying pretty much nothing during the entire film, you can tell how he feels, what he’s thinking, and his overall state of mind. He does a great job conveying emotions without words.

There isn’t much I can say here without spoiling some aspects of the film, but I’ll say that if you are a fan of Alexander, you should definitely give it a watch. The film also features Ant Man action star Paul Rudd who plays an interesting character. I enjoyed the film, and I do recommend it for an evening watch.