New Yorkers going crazy?

In the last couple of days or so things in NYC have been going kind of crazy.  We have a nanny that allegedly killed 2 children and seemingly slit or stabbed her own throat. An NYPD police officer that was planning to rape, kill, cook and then eat some ridiculously large number of women.  Some terrorist that was planning to blow up the fed. And now just for good measure mother nature has decided to join the party and everyone is up in arms about hurricane Sandy.

I find the cop sick, but at least he didn’t get to act on his desires. In so far as we know that is, but more will come of that in time. He faces life in prison if convicted, and maybe the fellas will eat him up for wanting to rape and kill a bunch of women.

I’m glad we caught the terrorist, they should have filmed that one, it would of made a great “punked” video. Have Ashton Kutcher come out and be like, “hey, gotcha b*tch”! Or maybe even Chris Hanson, “Hi, so, why don’t you take a seat, what are you doing here?”

In regards to the hurricane, we are all working setting up disaster recovery machines in the event that things get really bad here. So who else has to work for the second weekend in a row? With no O.t? Yay, great fun. But seriously, they say this one is bad, (don’t they always though) be careful out there!

The most troubling of the stories to me is the nanny killing the children. She actually committed the act and killed those kids. Children, slaughtered like pigs!  Neighbors said that they heard the screaming and called the cops. How does a person do this? How do you kill innocent children? The woman is in the hospital as she seemingly inflicted a wound on her own neck. I say keep her alive, get some answers, then make her pay for killing those kids by putting her in the worst prison, where the women have lost kids, a place where she will get the real attention that she needs and deserves. Let the inmates have their way with her.

My heart goes out to the family of these young, innocent children, God bless them and may they rest in peace. Be careful in this world my friends.

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Miriam Ivette Santiago

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Adrian Ingram
7 years ago

We are definitely in the last days..

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