NYC Subway Series: The newish time displays in NYC!

As I waited at the Park Place 2/3 train stop, the neon sign that displays the remaining time until the train arrival continued to jump out and claim my attention. It taunted me, I could hear it laughing as it went from 12 minutes, to 10 minutes, to 1 minute, and then finally it comes to a screeching halt at the word DELAY.

I believe that these time displays can be useful, but at the same time I consider them a torture device. For instance, if you see 1 minute remaining then you know that the train is about one station away. You think to yourself, “great, I’ll be out of here soon.” Ha, think again pal! What happens when that sign changes to delayed? . Oh snap! Come on man! One station away!

When I arrived at the Park Place station I was 20 minutes early to work, by the time I actually made it in to work I was about 30 minutes late because of this. What that means is that I was underground waiting for nearly an hour. Not that it would make it any less painful, but I’d rather not have known that the train was one station away. At that rate, I should have just walked to work, I could have made it there and back several times over.

So how do you feel about the time clocks in the subway?

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