They Claim Nobody Protested President Obama’s Election

A lot of people are pissed off about Donald Trump being elected as our next President. They are out on the streets, complaining and protesting. How I feel about that is not relevant, however; I have seen the following meme show up on my facebook feed several times over the last few days. It alleges that no one protested when Obama become President.


Well, anyone who was around knows that this is total b.s. I wasn’t very involved or interested in politics during the 2008 election, but I was much more active during the 2012 election. In fact, though I voted for Obama, I was registered as a Republican. I wrote for, and held right wing talk shows. So one can say that I had an interesting view of what was happening.


Though not everyone was against him, many people were. His every move, and step was critiqued. His children were judged quite harshly, as was his wife. Anyone who claims that no one took issue when he won, well, they just weren’t looking. Here are just a few images of protests, and the blatant racism that was directed at our President during his election and after.


Nothing says I love you Mr. President like a noose. But, you know, nobody had a problem with him.


No protests happening, nothing to see here, keep it moving.


Let’s get that deportation force going! Look, she has the flag upside down on her shirt. Doesn’t that piss off patriots when the left does it?


You know, cause President Obama is an’illegal.”


Jesus approves?


People in the U.S. aren’t the only ones who “protested,” this is from a foreign paper.


You always need the self hater to parade around in attempts to legitimize your protest, and make it “not about race.”


And then some people are just jerks. Now, tell me again how nobody protested Obama’s presidency?

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