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Nom Wah Tea Parlor


Since earlier this week my wife has been asking me if I want dim sum. I’ve been tied up late at work so we haven’t had a chance, but today on a whim we went for it. I had an audition scheduled for tonight, but they changed it to video auditions, so my evening was freed up. It’s a show that will raise money for breast cancer research and aid, wish me luck on that one!

So, if you didn’t know, then you should know that there is only one place we go for dim sum anytime of the day: NOM WAH TEA PARLOR. My man Wilson is usually there to greet us with a friendly face, and today you could add some goodies to that pretty smile greeting. Goodies in the way of rib tips and chicken wings. Thanks brosef!

Nom wah is known as the oldest dim sum restaurant in Chinatown. I’ve gone many times with my wife, friends, and even for huge events with up to 30 people. Obviously we are all fans, otherwise why would we continue coming back?

Today as I always do, I had pork shumai, a house pork bun, bamboo leaf rice, shrimp dumplings, spare ribs, chive dumplings and their special snow pea dumplings. All this along with some roasted pork and fried chicken wings that my man Wilson hit us off with. By the end we were full and needed a doggy bag. As a beverage they have a pure ginger ale drink that I always go for, give it a try, it’s really good. Real ginger ale!

I love this place, I like seeing Wilson and the other folks from Nom Wah. It’s a great place, if you like Chinese food, you have to come here and try the food. Make sure you have one of those amazing buns, if memory serves me right its the first item in the sheet they hand you for ordering. It’s my favorite, and fellow NYCTalking contributor Phil Holtberg also loves this item. When you go, say hi to Wilson and tell him ARod sent you. He’s a very tall young Chinese guy. You can’t miss this dude.

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