Northwell Health Medical Group (Flushing)

I wish that we could comment on the type of care that one receives at this facility, Northwell Health Medical Group in Flushing. However, that will be impossible for me to do as you will soon understand. I can however comment on the atrocious administrative services and policies here.

So let’s start with the appointment process, how does a 6 month waiting period before ever setting foot into the facility sound? Well, with my insurance, and their program, that is exactly how long it took for me. Thankfully this (I hope) was not (is not) a life threatening situation, otherwise, I’d probably be dead. Wooh, go healthcare!

Once I got an appointment, and after they checked all my submitted documents, etc, prior to ever making the appointment, we set a date for 6 months down the road.

Fast forward life 6 months later, I show up for my appointment. Then these douche weasels tell me that they do not take my insurance! What in the ever lasting fuck is that? You don’t take my insurance? You mean you couldn’t have told me that 6 months ago when I started to make this appointment, or at 7am when I woke up the day of to come in? Why would you wait for me to arrive to deliver this disappointing news? You knew what my insurance was, you checked it after I submitted it, seriously, what the fuck?

These people wasted my time on that day, and they also wasted 6 months of my life simply waiting when maybe I could have been getting treatment at another facility? This was extremely unprofessional, and though they may have great doctors, I don’t know as I never got treatment, their administrative and operations staff is horrendous.

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