It’s not always racism!


Racism is a real thing, it exists. Some folks try to deny it, but that’s bullshit, it’s real. We’ve all seen some people use the term n*gger or sp*c when referring to people of color. I’m not making this up, and a truly honest person would admit that it’s real.

All that being said, it’s not always racism! I find it extremely frustrating and hurtful to real victims when someone cries that they are the victim of racism or discrimination when it doesn’t apply.

Today at Chase, some entitled idiot decided that the existing policy when it comes to changing bills, which applies to everyone, including white people, was discriminatory against him because he’s Latino.

This idiot started screaming, “This is discrimination,” and as he said it, he looked around as if attempting to rally support and incite the masses. However, it didn’t work, we all just looked at him like, “Really dude? This is racism? Something we all do? Really?”

So this guy allegedly withdrew some money from the Chase ATM, but he allegedly forgot to get a receipt. He didn’t want all twenties, so then he went into the bank and asked them to give him hundreds instead of twenties. As is their policy, they asked him for an I.D, you know, to maybe protect against fraud and the like. He said, “I took this money out from your ATM, and I don’t have I.D.” Then he started getting loud and obnoxious accusing the teller of being racist.

I didn’t stick around to see the end result, but its idiots like this guy who make it difficult for the people who are trying to affect change in this nation. If you scream racism for every little thing you feel is done against you, no one will take you, and unfortunately, the rest of the movement seriously.

If you are like this guy, please knock it off!

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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