Not on my level

Not to be cocky, but my training, cardio, and conditioning are on another level. I train very often, and I train very hard. You are not on my level.

Some of you stand next to me, or train in the same room and classes I do. However, don’t get it twisted, just because you are in a class with me, it doesn’t mean that you are getting the same workout that I am. Being real with you, most people are NOT training anywhere nearly as hard as I am training.

Before you try and compare yourself to me, you gotta learn about this thing called intensity. Especially if you are going to try and put me down in some fashion. Again, not to be cocky, but most people ain’t on my level when it comes to intensity. That’s just a fact. I may be coming off like a jerk, but this intensity is what makes me a good instructor, it’s what has given me these amazing results, and its what separates people like me, from most others.

Now, you are probably wondering, “Why is Angel talking crap like this? Isn’t he supposed to inspire and motivate?” Sure, that’s what I want to do, but sometimes, some people need a reality check.

Yesterday, two people tried to imply that I was “weak,” and they sort of celebrated that I was starting to show signs of fatigue.

Oh man, Angel is tired, he’s not a real man.

What the hell is that all about? They were starting to rag on me for reaching my limit, insulted my manhood, and celebrated that I was tired? That’s some next level haterade going on right there. So I thought I’d clarify things for anyone who would do the same.

I started to get a bit tired at about my 3rd hour into training, and they were claiming that they were yet not tired. I taught my strength class, caught a train to my other gym, then did a HIIT and Zumba class. Also note that I have drastically reduced my carbs and overall calories. I spent nearly a week laid out very sick. Yet, here I am back in it, grinding it out.

Yes, I will eventually get tired, and of course you are not tired, you are not training as long as I am, (I was teaching classes before you even showed up at the gym) and more importantly your butt barely even moves in class. You half ass the whole thing, and put nothing into the workout. You are weak, and you hate it. As such, you find joy in seeing those you secretly envy, running out of steam. It makes you feel less like a slacker, and somehow gives you the feeling that we are on the same level. But seriously, don’t kid yourself, you are absolutely not on my level when it comes to training. Please, don’t play yourself!

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