Not Standing Is Not An Attack On Our Troops

I think we need to clarify this standing up for the national anthem situation. Many attempts have been made to clarify, but the point appears to still be lost on some.


If you read this meme above, the guy is making a demand that people stand up for the national anthem. The meme creator is stating that not standing up is some form of attack on this soldier who is fighting a war for our country.

I think I may have said this 100 times or more, condemn the war, but never the troops. I am a supporter of our service men and women. I am a veteran of our military service. I have nothing against our men and women in uniform. However, I support the right for someone to not stand up during the national anthem, and I don’t feel it either offends me as a veteran, nor it is an attack on this soldier, or others like him.

There are problems in our nation, whether or not you choose to acknowledge those problems doesn’t make them go away. You can hold your breath, whine, and cry all you want, but the problems will still be there!

Colin Kaepernick has chosen to take a stand (see what I did there) against these abuses. He’s not attacking our troops, he’s not attacking me, he’s saying there is a problem, and he’s protesting it. It is a very simple thing, and I don’t understand how some people don’t get it?

I understand the mindset of both viewpoints. For instance, it has always bothered me when people burned the American flag. But as I grow older, and I learn more and more about what we have done to others as a nation, and as I see the atrocities that have been committed against minorities and others within the country itself, I understand why someone could do it. I don’t like it, and I don’t agree, and it bugs the hell out of me, but I understand.

There are people who are so patriotic that they are blinded to the wrongs of our nation. We are a great country, and one of the best places in the world to live. There is no denying that. However, to think we are beyond error, to think that we are perfect, now that is crazy talk. To think that there are no problems here, that is more crazy talk. But these folks, they simply don’t see it. And hell, maybe they don’t “see” it, maybe they never experience it, but you know what? That doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Can you get that?

I may not agree with everything protesters do, and trust me, some of the things they do irritate the hell out of me. But I understand, and I agree on many things. Perhaps when more people start to see things the way I do, then some change may come. Until then, well, we will keep protesting, talking, and working towards that change. I don’t support violence, or acts of destruction, and I do not take part in any of that myself. I strongly disagree with that, but some people out there (on both sides) are itching for a war. Let’s not give them what they want, let’s fix this before it comes to that.

Understand this, though some are really hateful, and actually hate cops and soldiers, and white people in general, most of us do not. Most of us just want to be treated equally by all. Can you get that? It’s just so simple, I can’t understand how it confuses anyone? Mind you, there are also hateful people on the other side who hate Latinos, Blacks, Muslims, and other minorities. We cannot allow those hateful people on either side to control the narrative. People like you and me, we are the ones who should be driving this. So, let’s talk!

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Angel Rodriguez

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