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Nur Thai


It has been awhile since I go to a restaurant where everything I ate was delicious. This place happens to be one. The lady and I were out running some errands, and wanted to eat. She suggested this spot, so we went for it! Great choice wife, great choice.

So when we walked into Nur Thai, it was still empty as we arrived a bit early. We were greeted by a server and joked around about how to properly pronounce “Phuket.” By the way, it is pronounced “Poo-ket.” We asked my wife’s uncle in Thailand.

nur thai

As our appetizers, we tried the fish cake, and the Phuket Sampler. Both were great choices, and extremely delicious! Below you can see the items. Just looking at the pictures is making me hungry. This morning I have only eaten a few egg whites, and looking at this makes me want to eat! Nom nom nom!

nur thai apps

Next up came out main dishes! I decided to try something different and went with the ThaiGer. It was a massive, sloppy mess of peanut sauce dominated deliciousness! Normally, I don’t care for cucumber, but whatever these guys did to it, makes it very delicious! I actually ate them all, and that is very, very rare!

As you can see, the burger is big, and slightly messy, but don’t let the appearance fool you, the thaiger held together, and was extremely good. Once again, my stomach is grumbling from the desire for that meat!

nur thai thaiger

Now here is the very best part of the restaurant! This coconut and cane drink that they make! OMG! Soooooo good people! You don’t understand, you have to try this drink. I drank the entire drink, then devoured the sugar cane like a boss! Check out the before photo.

nur thai coco cane

Now look at the after photo! Like a boss!

nur thai coco cane

I totally encourage you to try this restaurant out. Big fan!

nur thai check

Nur Thai



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