So NYC is breaking some icey cold records today!

Well, all morning I have been hearing “Is it cold enough for ya,” among other clever, over shared cold weather statements. I’ve been in the office, resisting the urge to drop kick the next person that tells me how cold it is. This cold weather is like a “small talk” lovers paradise. Haha. You know what I’m talking about, that person that never has anything to talk about except the weather.

“Hey Bob, how are you doing? Is it cold enough for ya?”

That being said though, we are experiencing NYC record breaking cold weather today. I hate to say it, but given this record breaking freezing weather, the small talk people are right, is it cold enough for ya? Keep warm my friends!

NEW YORK CITY — New Yorkers were urged to stay indoors and bundle up as arctic air froze the city, sending temperatures to near record lows Tuesday morning.

City agencies were coordinating cold weather efforts including putting emergency staff on standby, advising citizens on how to handle the cold and suspending alternate side parking, officials said.

The mercury had reached only 4 degrees by the morning commute – beating the coldest Jan 7 on record which was in 1896, according to a National Weater Service spokesman. The temperature that day was 6 degrees.

“With a dangerous cold snap and deadly wind chills predicted to blanket New York City this evening and tomorrow, I urge all New Yorkers to find a warm place to stay to avoid hypothermia, frost bite and other life-threatening health conditions,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement late Monday.

Our friends over at DNAinfo have more on this!

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6 years ago

So NYC is breaking some icey cold records today!


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