NYC Subway Series: Acting the fool on the trains.

On the way home, a quiet peaceful train ride. Listening to one of my tracks, working on my latest musical piece “I am your savior”.

The train reaches the Chambers stop, four youths get on the train. 3 females and 1 male. Possibly 16 or so years old, they enter screaming, jumping around and carrying on. One of the females, a large Jamaican girl decides to squeeze in on top of me and my neighbor. I see her massive badonkadonk aimed in my direction and scoot over lest she sits on my kindle.

I know how these rowdy young people work, so I ignore her and continue my writing. She notices my lack of interest in her and she says something to our neighbor, he then gets up and moves away from her.

Almost as if on queue the male in the group starts to do a stupid dance. He drops his hat and the gum flies out of his mouth towards my feet. It doesn’t make contact, but it gets my attention. I look at the gum, then with an impassive face I look at ballerina boy. He looks at me then goes back to his idiotic subway dance.

Big momma to my left says something, I can’t hear her as I am blasting my music, but they get quiet for a few moments. Shortly thereafter we arrive at my stop, I get up and prepare to exit. I see a young guy coming on to the train with a skateboard, ballerina boy starts to scream “skateboard”, “skateboard”, over and over. He’s blocking my way off the train, so I say excuse me to ballerina boy, interrupting his stupid song and dance and I squeeze by.

That was the end of that.

Not long ago 4 boys were in a group. Similar scenario. Acting up on the subway, my son was getting uncomfortable and asked me why are they behaving this way and if they were going to do anything to us. I replied to my son that they are young and they are being foolish, but I can read that they are harmless.

I saw another group, they started rapping and singing really loud, screaming and just being silly on the train.

We’ve all been young, but even at our worst, me and my buddies had some sense growing up. Why do these kids act this way? I may hide it and act calm, especially when in front of my son, but that behavior makes me very uncomfortable. In the old days it was a precursor to violence, so when I see it, my self preservation instincts turn on. If there were more than the 2 stops on my ride I’d just get off and wait for another train, I just can’t be around that kind of behavior.

Parents, talk to your kids, ask them to behave in the subway.

Rewind to the past, think, count the blessings you had
Before these worries and these sorrows hanging over your head
Close your eyes and you wondering am I better off dead
Thinking of the bullet spraying as your laying in bed
Frustration and the anger got you going in insane
With nowhere to go and you fear it’s the end