NYCTalking 15: Work, Invisalign, Sweat, Protein and more Work!

  1. I.T can be a very rewarding but exhausting career field. Listen to some tech rants about being stuck at work for the last 32 hours due to Quickbooks and server misbehaves!
  2. Perhaps you noticed how I’m talking with a bit of a lisp? Let’s chat about my brand new invisalign.
  3. I recently covered a blog on sweat. Let’s talk about sweat baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all good things that can be, let’s talk about sweat, let’s talk about sweat!
  4. Protein powder is a part of nearly everyone who hits the gym regularly. Even if you don’t have some everyday or often, if you train, you’ve tried it. Let’s chat about two very contrasting protein supplements, Dymatize Mango and Vega Sport protein.
  5. Let’s close this thing out with some more rants!

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