NYPD Chronicles: Domestic Abuse victims attack.

A New York Post article claims that the NYPD has a procedure which requires they check into the backgrounds of victims calling in a domestic abuse complaint. The article stated that if you call the NYPD for help, you could end up being the one arrested. How? Well, for instance, if you have any outstanding tickets, warrants, etc.

Here’s the thing Mr. NYPD decision maker, women (not saying all domestic abuse cases are women, but we know most are) have a hard time standing up to the men/women that abuse them. Generally speaking once the police are called, it is safe to assume that things have become pretty bad. Why would you make it harder for them to call by adding more things to the mix that may frighten or deter them? I think this is a bad policy and it should be stricken from your records. I challenge anyone to give me a good reason why this policy works, and or whom it benefits.

On the other hand, there is an update here that claims there is no “must arrest” policy for outstanding warrants on a victim calling in. I hope the update is actually accurate and that any would be callers are aware of this update. Getting help is never easy and this ridiculous policy (if true) would just make it harder for victims to get much needed help.

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