NYPD Chronicles: Riots in Brooklyn over NYPD shot 16 year old.

Everyone is aware that 16 year old Kimani Gray was shot 7 times by 2 members of the NYPD. Of course you are aware of this story, there are full on riots happening in the Flatbush area right now because of this shooting.  I believe regardless of your views (with the exception of a few cruel posts I have read that praise his killing) we can all agree that death is never a nice thing. Especially when it involves a young person that is just starting up in life. Please know that I feel for the family that lost this young teen, and I feel sadness anytime I read about another life lost.

It has been reported that the young man had a .38 on his person and made a “reaching” motion before the cops fired. With that come the conspiracy theories and doubts as to why the cops left the scene, why no one saw the gun, etc. It is also reported that these cops have had quite a lot of trouble within the community that they are to serve and protect and that this is not the first time they are involved in trouble. There are many unknowns here, finding the truth will prove challenging.

Let me ask you though, who do you think you are helping by going out there and throwing bricks at cops? Some of those cops are just regular people that probably had nothing to do with this shooting and you are attacking them. Who are you helping by looting the mom and pop shops in the neighborhood? Who are you hurting by destroying the neighborhoods YOU live in? How long do you think that you will continue launching bricks and bottles at cops before self preservation instincts kick in and more cops start to shoot?

Here is my advice, I know that not all the protesters support the violence, but the few that do, and are using  this as an excuse are putting you in danger. Be careful and stay away from those people. Report them, don’t support them because they will get you killed, hurt or arrested.

We don’t know all the details here, I know I don’t and I have read quite a few different views on this story. What I do know is that violence against your own community helps no one and only complicates things while preventing the truth from coming out. I am sure this opinion will not be popular, but you can’t deny I’m right on this. I am open to feedback, if someone can tell me how robbing and looting the bodega helps the cause, please tell me.

Please note the date on a post, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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