NYPD controversy over religious beliefs.

Fishel Litzman, a Hasidic Jewish man was kicked out of the police academy because he wouldn’t shave his beard down to regulation length. Fishel stated that he could not shave his beard to a short length due to his religious beliefs.

The NYPD and Mr. Litzman are currently engaged in a he-said she-said game. The police department is stating that Mr. Litzman knew the rules when he signed up while Mr. Litzman is saying that NYPD knew he would not shave the beard when they accepted him.

The council of American-Islamic relations is calling for Fishel Litzman to be reinstated as he was only weeks away from graduating from the academy. This isn’t the only case the organization is fighting for, there is a similar case with a Muslim man who refused to shave his beard over religious beliefs as well.

Two years ago there was a 26 year old man in the Army, Simran Preet Singh Lamba which was allowed to complete boot camp (basic training) with his turban and beard in tact. This was the first time that was allowed in over 20 years.

At THR we support our brother’s and sister’s religious freedoms, however we also respect that certain organizations such as the NYPD have the right to their employment requirements.

So what happens in this type of scenario?

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