Obama campaign playing very dirty!

I just watched the Obama ad where a man by the name of Joe Soptic claims that after Bain Capital took over his company he lost his job. He then states that he lost his health insurance with the job and his wife died of cancer 22 days later. This Obama ad makes Romney and Bain Capital look pretty bad.

We are in no way downplaying the loss of this man’s wife, however a little research into the story and one realizes that this ad is more than just slightly misleading. Some of it is just a downright lie.

Yes, the man lost his job after the Bain takeover. This happens, right? It’s business, not charity. If you are running a restaurant and you have 1 cook, and business is great, you are busy all the time, what do you do? You hire another cook and perhaps some additional wait staff. The demand is there so you make money and you need more people to keep up.

Fast forward, you have 10 cooks, but then things slow down. You are no longer making the amount of food that requires 10 cooks, as such your revenue and profits go down. So what happens now? The opposite of what happened before. Now you have to cut people.

This is business, not charity. Anyone with an iota of common sense can understand this point. If a business is not doing as much business, how can they continue to pay people that are not working and stay in business? The answer is you cannot. Simple.

So yes, I feel for Soptic, and I feel for his losing his wife. However the true story is that the man lost his job, but his wife
still had a job and insurance for her family. Five years later his wife takes ill and passes away from cancer.

My question is, how can you pin that on Romney or Bain Capital? You can’t. We find it insulting to the intelligence of the American people that our esteemed president would attempt to fool us in such a misleading fashion.

When questioned at a conference the white house secretary stated “I haven’t seen the ad, please speak to the reelection campaign manager”. Hilarious. You didn’t see the ad?

This is not a Romney endorsement, but I had to share this because I know plenty of people that support Obama because he’s part black, and others that support him solely because he’s a liberal democrat. I’d bet many don’t know the truth about this ad.

Please note that should I encounter, or have someone share with me any data or information on any Romney wrongdoings, I’ll share them here as well. For instance, I read a few articles stating that many of Romney’s twitter followers could be fake and paid for, and that’s weak sauce.

Please note the date on a post, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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