Obama flying immigrants to US from Honduras?

There is a story going around the web that says President Obama is looking at an option to fly immigrants directly from Honduras to the U.S. Well, as we all know, it’s never quite that simple. News organizations on both sides come up with these fancy headlines, and ways to create panic and shock value among their readers. Initially, I thought this may be a joke, but there is some truth to this statement. However, they are not just “flying” them over as some sites would have you believe. It is a little more complicated than that.

I read several articles on the topic in an attempt to understand what in blazes these people are trying to do now. I’ll try to summarize it for you as best I can. The articles were long, dry, painful reads. I bet that’s part of the agenda, who wants to read that boring crap. Ugh!

The vision that the liberals have is that this will stem the flow of unaccompanied minors to the U.S. They are looking to “outsource” the processing andscreening of these immigrants directly toHonduras. They want to set upprocessing stations over there. Instead of them coming to the U.S. and being processed here at our detention centers, this would happen over there. If they determine that the applicants qualify for asylum, then they would be flown directly to the U.S. to whatever location they would have been placed. For instance, relatives, sponsors, etc.

As a reasonable, logical, compassionate human being, I can understand what they may be trying to do. We all know the dangers involved in these people crossing through Mexico. However, I don’t see how this stems the influx of immigrants at all? In fact, it probably increases the number, and simply adds another method of travel. I know if I were an applicant, and I was rejected in Honduras; I would just walk my butt over the border anyway. What are you going to do? Deport me? Nope, then after that, when you release me, I’ll just go and hide among the populous while waiting for amnesty. Good luck finding me.

So let’s recap the situation, people would still continue to come to the border, and in addition, we would also be flying some in. The people behind this idea came up with all these fancy numbers, and limits, and so on, but those are just rules that would not be enforced. Why should we expect you to enforce those, when you don’t even enforce the current rules? This proposal does nothing to resolve the root cause, or stop the influx of people coming over. It simply facilitates it, and in fact, may make it more enticing for people who would otherwise not be interested in coming. Who can refuse a free flight to the U.S.A?

What do you think?

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