Obscene Hillary Statue Sparks Outrage

You know what I despise, hypocrisy. Some weeks ago, some folks put up a statue of a naked Donald Trump, and everyone laughed, and thought it was funny. Oh, and those of you who follow my work know that I am no fan of Donald Trump, so this isn’t a piece defending his honor. Screw that guy.

My issue is the behavior of this psychotic woman here. This guy put up a similar statue of Hillary Clinton, and this woman (and others) decided that it’s okay to destroy his private property.

Personally, I don’t think that either of the two statues are cool, but can you see why I have a problem there? I would bet the farm that this same woman would think it’s okay to put up that obscene statue of Donald Trump, but protest this one of Hillary Clinton.

There is no better word to describe this, other than hypocrisy.