Occupier on Occupier Violence.

Occupier on Occupier violence? What is that?

Some geniuses that make up part of the Occupier movement in San Francisco thought that it would be a good idea to launch missiles in the form of pipes, bricks and other items from atop of 888 Turk Street, a building they occupied last month.  Their targets were the police in the area, however in the crowd below there were also other Occupiers.

One of the bricks launched hit an Occupier on the ground right in the face causing him to fall to the floor. My initial reaction was one of sarcastic humor.  But after reading the story I realized that some of these folks on the ground were actually asking the troublemakers to stop.  That made an impact with me and I no longer felt that feeling of “good for you”.

I now believe that not all the occupiers are troublemakers. It is unfortunate though that there movement has been infiltrated by anarchist and other trash that want to incite violence.

If you’d like to see video and read the full story, take a look at Breitbart.com.

What do you think the Police and the peaceful Occupiers should do to deal with these troublemakers?

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