Ocean hues and accessories.

Doesn’t everyone love some accessories to spice up their look? Sara Lugo makes really fun and trendy accessories, she owns a company called “Threadbare Supply Co”. I’ve purchased some bracelets from her & they are so much fun especially during the summer time, they will give you a bit of that highlight action when you wear your summer dresses.

Her prices are not dirt cheap, but affordable. Check out the her Etsy link for this and more ocean hues!

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Bette Morris
7 years ago

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Cecelie Arlene Brown
7 years ago

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Wendy Vaughn
7 years ago

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Jay Lee
7 years ago

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Wayne Eley
7 years ago

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7 years ago

Thanks so much for the shout out, NYC Talking and @Christine Ngai! http://t.co/GAo33WMR http://t.co/uvL9foIi