Officer beaten with his own baton

According to a news story on Oklahoma’s News 9, two officers were in pursuit of a man and became separated. One of the officers caught up with the perp and attempted to arrest him.

Allegedly the perp resisted and a fight ensued. It is then stated that the perp gained control of the officer’s baton and began bashing him in the head. That is when an armed citizen saw what was happening and came to the aid of the officer.

I will shoot you if you don’t stop hitting him.

I have said time and time again, that officer’s cannot let themselves be compromised in this fashion. If you are making an arrest, and the perp manages to knock you out, they can gain access to your gun. Lucky for this cop all that the perp managed to take was the baton, and this good Samaritan happened to be around.

This could have easily been another news story where an officer was shot dead by a criminal. So when it comes to making the decision of whether losing your weapon and your life or just blasting a perp, I say blast now and deal with the jury later.

I think that cops are starting to hesitate in properly doing their jobs because of the bad publicity. This is all the more reason for good law men to denounce and out those who are not doing the right thing. This whole situation with police brutality is hurting everyone, including good cops who are now afraid to draw and fire their weapon in order to protect their own lives.

Take a look at this video I posted some months ago. The officer is wrestling with the perp, and this compromises not only his safety, but the safety of those he is charged to protect. If you have a gun in your possession, you cannot afford to roll around and play with criminals.

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