Officer Roughs Up Mom

I always say, don’t resist when there is an issue with police. In this footage, I don’t particularly see any resistance, nor did I see a provocation for the officer’s actions. Lately, I have been wondering, some officers abuse the citizens, and at what point is enough, enough? Is the citizenry simply supposed to accept the abuse, because they have a badge and a gun? If they fight back to defend themselves against unwarranted aggression, are they then at risk to lose their lives or their freedom? Is that fair?

This video only shows what it shows, you don’t actually see any footage of that guy assaulting the child, but you do see the officer take action against the mom, and another young female after they become visibly upset.

The video has some very foul language, lots of screaming, and all that I can do without, but the officer’s actions seem to go overboard here. Take a look, and decide for yourself.

As I understand it, the women were the ones who called the cops for help after the child was allegedly assaulted. I don’t think that they expected things to go down this way. At least no one was shot or killed. SMH.

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