Officer shoots shovel wielding man


This doesn’t fit the narrative, James Barker, the victim is a white man. However, it goes to show that officers will fire on ANYONE who threatens their lives, as they should. No one deserves to be assaulted in such a fashion, the officer did the needful to ensure that he returned home to his family that evening. I don’t know what Barker was thinking, or feeling, but clearly he snapped. Unfortunately, he paid a high price for his actions.

The loss of life is always a sad thing, but Barker is clearly at fault here. The officer was respectful, and calm during their interaction. Even if the cop had called him “a loser” (which he didn’t) or anything remotely related, it still would not justify assaulting him with a shovel that way. He made a mistake and paid for it with his life.

Once again, I must remind you, do not resist when an officer is engaging you. Keep your calm, and absolutely do not assault them.

Note the date on a post as it may be an old point of view. If you learn that your views are wrong, yet they remain the same, then you are a fool.

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