Opihi Pickers for the win!

Some years ago, I visited Hawaii. I went to Oahu, and I have to say, Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places I have visited. I still remember the mountains, the trees, the greenery, and the old-fashioned good vibes over there.

nyctalking hawaii

I am fully aware that I was there as a tourist, and as such I didn’t experience “Hawaii” as a local would experience life there. Even so, from my vantage point, the island was beautiful, and I really enjoyed my time there.

nyctalking hawaii waterfall

I could walk through Forests that turned daytime into the night. I remember looking over lookouts and seeing the grandeur of the island. I remember the pleasant tour guide. I remember the somber feeling of sadness as I walked on Pearl harbor.

nyctalking pearl harbour

There was one day that I was getting ready to go out, and I was playing a radio station. One of the local artists was on. I couldn’t remember any of the lyrics, only the sweet reggae melody, and this “I miss you girl. I miss you much.”

nyctalking hawaii beach

For years, I have searched for the song or artist, but to no avail. However, that all changed today, and I feel like I may have found it in the past, but I can’t remember. In any case, this video here by the Opihi Pickers, is the song! “Old-fashioned touch,” it is a sweet reggae melody, and I wanted to share it with you guys. In case someone out there like me, was searching and searching.

Enjoy! Share your thoughts on this groove!

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