Emotionless (Original Song)

Yo when I’m awake, I could control this you know
But when I’m asleep, its like, they takeover, my demons
Let me tell you something, simply put, your life goes on
You know, no matter what your life goes on
its the truth, so I live on

I saw forever in my dreams
thats how the demons speaks to me
wondering where my dreams may lead
and do you ever think of me
Visions of your smiling face
The way you hid all the heartache
and as your memories fades away
I’m remembering how I loved
who’d ever think we’d end this way
Wondering about which words to say
though you won’t listen anyway
Had a chance and then I blew it
Smiling, acting nonchalant as you suffered all right through this
Though I’m sure you can relate
We’ve all been through some heartache
The different ways it manifest
no one can prepare for this
Do I need to say the rest
I’ll take forever and a day
make me forget the way
Of your pretty little smile
And the way we used to play
All the things we used to do
and the words we used to say
I’ll forever carry this
those opportunities I missed
I carry burdens on my shoulders walking on I feel disgraced
I’m living every single day I force a smile upon my face

I saw forever in my dreams
thats how the distance speaks to me
wondering where my dreams may lead
and do you ever think of me
you said the silence is your friend
and that’s the way you cope with this
all the heartache in your chest
its a form of self defense
as you are pleading for the fifth
you leaves me in the dark like this
I reach out and feel my way
its like I lost my soul that day
and I’ve been searching ever since
while I often reminisce
as I’m dreaming of your scent
slow continues my descent
this downward spiral makes me scream
I had this love you can’t contain
now only memories remain
and my dreams you will invade
while defenseless in that state
wake as tears run down my face
wipe them off take a deep breath
time to face another day
a plastic smile upon my face
in the moment I remain
trying to keep from going insane
while your torment takes a break
I seek refuge in the day
the only place I’m safe
from the way you make feel
while my thoughts you rob and steal
keeping up with the charade my true feelings I conceal

I saw forever in my dream
that’s how the distance speaks to me
wondering where my dreams may lead
and do you ever think of me

When I wake up my heart is racing
I dry my eyes and I realize
its just a dream you know
You gone
I breathe in deep, I exhale, and I face the day
and that’s the truth

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